Self Study



Want to learn Arabic at Home? There are tons of great resources online. Here are some of our favorites.


Set Your Goals First

Before you start studying Arabic by yourself, you need to make sure you know what your goal is. Knowing why you are studying Arabic will guide the resources that you use. Here are a few options to help you focus your Arabic studies.

Arabic for Kids and Parents

Teaching your kids Arabic is a great way to learn yourself. If you ever wondered how to balance studying with raising your kids, stop trying to balance them and just bring them together!

Fusha House Arabic

This course will teach you and your kids formal Arabic through fun activities. You’ll learn vocab and grammar to use daily.

Umar and Maryam Online Readers

Omar and Maryam is a collection of online readers for kids. You’ll learn lots of basic words through leveled readers and online quizes.

Arabic Talking Stories Readers

This adorable set of readers is great for beginners. It’s leveled and has pictures of new vocabulary words on each page.

I Read Arabic Downloadable Books

This  site offers a wide variety of books and quizes for parents and educators. The leveled program is a great suppliment for kids.

Classical Arabic for Adults

Classical Arabic is also called Fusha (hence the name of the site). Fusha is the Arabic that many Muslims prefer to study. Knowing Classical Arabic can help you understand the Quran and hadith.


The Madinah Books are a wonderful resource for studying Arabic on your own. Like most books, they are meant to be studied with a teacher, but you can find free supplements and guides online easily to make your studies easier.


You can find the full series plus some supplements here. Once you’ve worked your way through those, there are many more activities that you can find online.

Modern Standard Arabic

Also called MSA or Media Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic is the closest spoken form of Arabic to Classical Arabic.

If you’re interested in reading or listening to Arabic news or you just want a good foundation in Arabic vocabulary and grammar, MSA could be a good choice for your Arabic studies.

I don’t personally know of a course offering specifically MSA that I can recommend. Listening to the news in Arabic is a great way to get familiar with MSA.

Arabic Dialects

Spoken Arabic can be quite different than Classical and Media Arabic. The words, grammar, and even the letter sounds may differ from country to country. If you want to speak Arabic for travel, it’s a good idea to study the Arabic from the specific countries that you want to visit.



Egyptian Arabic is a popular dialect that is understood in many parts of the Arab world. You can find plenty of Egyptian Arabic textbooks on Amazon.



You will want to make sure you get a textbook that has a CD to accompany it. Even if you have studied the Arabic letters, you won’t be able to study a dialect without listening because the sounds for each letter are different from country to country.