Study Arabic

Online Arabic Course for Moms

Study Arabic and Confidently Teach Your Kids

Fusha House is the first online Arabic program designed by moms, for moms.

Our lessons contain everything that you need to learn Arabic and teach your kids. 
As Muslim moms, we want to study Arabic and we also want to make sure our kids learn Arabic.
That’s why we’ve created a course where you can study WITH your kids.


What You'll Get

Clear videos with native speakers

You’ll learn to speak Arabic using easy to follow videos. You and your kids will see each word used in daily life.

The lesson videos will show you the vocabulary and translations. You’ll learn new words that are useful in everyday life.

A full set of printables

Studying will be easy with printables for the whole family.

We’ve included printables for vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. They will help you to review and teach your kids.

You’ll also get lesson notes and summareis to keep track of your learning.

Follow along videos for more ideas

You’ll gain the confidence you need to teach Arabic to your kids!

Not sure how to have fun while teaching your kids Arabic Don’t worry. Just watch the follow-along videos for lots of ideas.

About the Lessons

Meet Umar, Zainab and their parents! They’ll be your guides through the amazing world of Arabic. In this first lesson, you’ll learn the vocabulary and grammar you need to start speaking Arabic first thing in the morning!

If you’re ready to start your at-home learning journey, just click below to join the school.
We have a free preview lesson that you can try out.

A Learning Solution for Moms and Kids

Learn Arabic with lessons designed just for you.

You’ll learn vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and listening all in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner. You’ll learn lots of study skills if you like traditional studying.

But if you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have time to take notes, you’ll also find everything you need to study without having to sit for hours a day.

Our review printables and summary videos will help you to learn Arabic without the stress of memorizing pages of notes.

You don't have to choose between your studies or your kids.

Before I had kids, I loved studying Arabic. After having kids, I felt like I had to choose between my obligations to my family and my desire to continue studying. So, I started to study with my kids.

Our lessons are challenging enough for adults, yet easy for kids to understand.

We don’t just give you materials. There are also plenty of follow along videos with ideas and tips. You’ll learn study skills for yourself and examples for how to teach your kids at any age.

Arabic class with kids
Arabic class with kids

But who can study with kids?

You can! In our lessons, you won’t use learn Arabic. You’ll also learn how to turn your kids into study buddies.

By the end of Lesson 1, you’ll be confidently speaking Arabic AND teaching your kids, Inshaa Allaah.

As moms, we know kids can be a problem when studying. Once you see how useful your tiny language partners can be, you’ll wonder how you ever tried to learn Arabic without them.

24/7 Community support.

Studying online doesn’t have to mean studying alone. When you join Fusha House, you’re joining a community of moms who are working right alongside you to learn Arabic and teach their kids.

If you have questions about grammar, vocabulary, or how to explain things to your kids, just ask.

Current Lessons

All Lessons include printables, follow-along videos, notes, activity suggestions, and 24/7 support.

Lesson 1: Wake Up in Arabic

Wake up and start your day in Arabic. 

In this lesson, you’ll learn vocabulary, dua, and basic grammar for speaking with your family first thing in the morning.

You’ll learn to talk about how you feel first thing in the morning.


Lesson 2: Arabic in the Bedroom

Describe the bedrooms in your house.

In Lesson 2, you’ll learn how to make sentences to describe rooms and people.

You’ll also learn vocabulary to talk about your family and make a fun family tree in Arabic.

Lesson 3: Getting Ready in Arabic

It’s time to get ready.

Lesson 3 will show you and your kids how to speak about some actions you need to get ready in the morning.

You’ll also learn how to talk about who owns what in the house.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create an Arabic program that will help you and your family become Arabic speakers from day one. We believe that Arabic should be used and lived.

At-Home Arabic Lessons for the Whole Family

Arabic is the language of the Quran and Sunnah, but it’s also a living language. At Fusha House, we teach classical Arabic through fun, engaging lessons that you can use every day.

Our goal is to make Arabic come alive for you and your family.

We believe that the more you and your kids speak Arabic and learn through fun activities, the more you’ll learn to love the language.

About the Course Creators

Fusha House was created by a team of moms, Arabic teachers, and native Arabic speakers. The lead creator is me, Rajaa. I’m a former teacher turned homeschooling mom of 4.

As a teacher, I always found the greatest joy in finding ways to make my lessons accessible to the children who struggled the most. I decided to create this course after seeing many Arabic students drop out of classes because the content was only presented for the most advanced learners.

I’ve studied Arabic at a number of schools in the US and Egypt. All of my lessons are written by native speakers or Arabic teachers.