Learning Arabic Letters with Your Kids: A Full Resource Guide

This week, we will begin learning the letters at Everyday Ibaadah Academy. Many Arabic programs for non-native speakers put a heavy focus on learning letters first. This is because traditionally, reading opened up a way for people to add new vocabulary when they were in non-Arabic speaking environments.

With the spread of YouTube vidoes available in Arabic and online learning, it’s now possible for parents to actually bring the Arabic language into their homes before they or their children are able to read. 

Everyday Ibaadah Academy has rolling admissions, so you can enroll if you’d like to join us.


Arabic Letter Videos

These are my three top channels for learning Arabic letters. If you’re a complete beginner, don’t be afraid to simply watch these videos and listen to the Arabic without understanding them. The vocabulary repeats a lot from video to video so, inshaa Allaah, in time, you and your children will pick up the word.


The Letter Videos Series from Learning with Zakariyyah shows how each letter is written and gives some words that use each letter in the beginning, middle, and end of the word.


Learn with Noor channel has a collection of Arabic Alphabet Stories. Children can learn the letter position along with new words used in the stories.


For kids that have some background in Arabic, but still need to learn to read from the beginning, this channel goes through the Saudi Arabic Grade 1 curriculum.

How to Use Videos

Most children can not learn from simply sitting in front of videos. Parents should view the videos with their kids and stop the videos often to repeat the words being used. 

Printables and Activities

It’s important for kids to see Arabic around them as much as possible. If your kids can’t yet write, printable cards, puzzles, and even Arabic letter posters can help get them comfortable with Arabic letters.

Etsy is a great place to order all kinds of creative products to expose kids to Arabic. 

Belarabyapps has created worksheets and letter stories for all letters of the alphabet. Their activities are great for review or to introduce the letters to kids.


There are thousands of apps available to teach letters. If you’re comfortable with your child using a device to learn letters, they can be a great teaching tool. 

The best apps are self correcting, offering children a way to see their mistakes as they learn while motivating them to continue learning. 

Let us know your favorite resources for teaching letters. We’d love to add to the list above.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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