Welcome to School

This is our first week of Arabic class at Everyday Ibaadah Academy. Welcome to all the parents who are new to the school! If you haven’t registered, you can still enroll.

The school includes Arabic, Islamic Studies, and all of the core subjects for Pre K to 2nd Grade. 

Class Layout

Like most Arabic programs, we will be starting out with letters. But I believe that it’s crucial to teach kids WORDS from day one. Why? 

Letters are only important because they make words. When kids can see the end of the language road, they are more likely to want to learn. The Everyday Ibaadah program only goes up to 2nd grade, but if you’re working with older kids, it’s even more important to expose them to words from day one.

Each class will include the following sections:

* Speaking

* Letter of the Week

* Writing 

* Read Aloud

* Sight Words

We will also have craft activities throughout the year to fit with the themes of each monthly unit.

First Day of School Poster Speaking Activity

Arabic Seeds created this beautiful first day of school poster. She was gracious enough to make tons of versions for kids in school or in home-school!

We will be using this for our speaking time during week 1 of class. 

Here are a few easy words that you can use to ask your kids questions as they color and fill in the poster.

What… ?


 My …

… أَنَا

What is your name?

مَا اسْمُكَ؟ 

Week 1: Arabic is All Around Us

As parents, we often struggle to learn Arabic ourselves, so the idea of having to teach our kids can be frightening. You might think that Arabic will be kind of hard to learn. After all, it’s lots of new words that you don’t know. 

But guess what, you already know tons of Arabic!

As Muslims, Arabic is always all Around us. We just have to seek it out and recognize it’s importance in our lives. 

For our first class, we’ll brainstorm some places where we already hear Arabic in our daily lives. Feel free to do this activity at home with your kids. It’s a great way to show your children that Arabic is important and it’s relevant to their lives. 

As you move through class and learn new words with your kids, try to always increase the amount of Arabic that you have around you. Always be sure to bring the language into your home as often as you can by speaking.


Parent Resources

We will be using a variety of resources to learn the letters in our first semester.

Be sure to check out our resources page for updated ideas for teaching and learning Arabic. 

This year at Everyday Ibaadah Academy, there will be three levels of Arabic:

1) Let’s Meet the Letters: A year-long introduction to letter forms and sounds using books from Everyday Ibaadah and Fusha House.

2) Letters on the Go: An intermediate level reading class that will moves students from letter identification to reading sentences. This level will use resources from Tarbiyah Islamiyyah.

3) Arabic Everyday: A beginner Arabic vocabulary and grammar course or kids featuring materials from Arabic Seeds.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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