Arabic Read Alouds: Who ate whom?

This week, we will be back to using Asafeer, an online site that provides free books. 

They have done a lot of updates in the past few months and you can now print the books from the site!

Today, we will be reading about some animals in a food chain. You can make an Arabic food chain with your kids after the class.

You don’t need any experience to join. We all read together and go over the meanings of the words.

You can download the book here.

Arabic Vocabulary and Speaking Practice

Today, we will talk about eating. In the story, you will learn the following words:

أَكَلَ He/It ate

أَكَلَتْ She/It ate

Review Craft

This week, we will create a food chain in Arabic using the reading from the week. We’ll use the Arabic question word  مَنْ to ask who ate whom. 


You can also add the word أَينَ to ask where the animals are in the book.

Use this craft to practice the following skills:

1) Speaking: As you cut the items and paste the rings together, ask “Who ate whom?” or “Who ate the…?” For beginners, keep the book on hand to review the words as you go.

2) Grammar: Notice that in Arabic, some animals are refereed to using feminine verbs. Also, a group of animals in Arabic will always be refereed to using feminine verbs. You don’t need to explain this rule to your kids if they are young, just try to pick the right verbs when you are speaking. Always refer back to the book to check. If the verb has a ت on the end, it is in the feminine form.

3) Writing: Trace the names of each animal.

4) Advanced: Make a food web. As your kids, what else goes in a food chain besides animals? Give them 60 seconds to come up with as many organisms as they can in Arabic. Then make a giant web to show which organisms get energy from each other. 

Make a food chain in Arabic to learn the names of animals and practice some common verbs!

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How to Join Us Live

We’re holding the Read Alouds weekly on Mondays at 3pm Saudi Time. That’s 1pm UK time and 8am EST.

The Zoom links are shared via Telegram each week. Send me a message on Telegram to be added to our group.

Note, the Read Alouds are not a formal class. They are just a chance to practice reading, encourage our families, and learn some new Arabic words along the way. Our focus is on practicing reading and speaking with new sentences so that we can grow our Arabic skills as a family. 

Please feel free to let me know if you notice any errors in videos.

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