Arabic Read Alouds: I hear sounds.

This week, we will talk about the sounds around us. We’ll also learn some great grammar points hidden in our sentences!

You don’t need any experience to join. We all read together and go over the meanings of the words.

We have been using the Arabic books that are used here in Saudi schools. They are designed for native speakers, but they have some great resources that go along with them including listening activities and games.

Click here to download the main book.

Today’s activities are on page 47-52

Arabic Vocabulary and Speaking Practice

Today, we’ll talk about words that you can use when listening to the world around you.

أَسْمَعُ I hear

الصَّوْتَ The sound

Review Printables

We’ll use the Arabic question word  مَاذَا ask what our kids hear in different places.  


You can also add the word أَينَ to ask where the sounds are heard.

Use this printable to practice the following skills:

1) Speaking: Point to each item. Try to recreate the sentence on page one. If you’re a beginner, start at the top of the sample sentence page and work your way down until you can form the longest sentence.

2) Grammar: Notice how the endings of the words change as we change the sentence.

3) Writing: Try to write each sentence that you say during the practice. Children who are not yet able to write can trace the colored sentences.

4) Advanced: Play the game Sentence Chain. Stand in a line. Have the player in the front of the line say one of the words and then go to the back of the line. The next person in front must add a word to the sentence. Keep taking turns until someone can’t think of a word to add. That person is out. Keep playing until one player is left standing. 

You can try adding adjectives, pronouns, extra verbs, small words like ف  an إن. Just keep the sentence going as long as you can. 

Find sounds around your house and talk about where they are.

How to View the Recordings

There is no recording for this lesson. You can view all of the previous meet-ups on our Teachable site.

Women only please.

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How to Join Us Live

We’re holding the Read Alouds weekly on Mondays at 3pm Saudi Time. That’s 1pm UK time and 8am EST.

The Zoom links are shared via Telegram each week. Send me a message on Telegram to be added to our group.

Note, the Read Alouds are not a formal class. They are just a chance to practice reading, encourage our families, and learn some new Arabic words along the way. Our focus is on practicing reading and speaking with new sentences so that we can grow our Arabic skills as a family. 

Please feel free to let me know if you notice any errors in videos.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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