Arabic Read Alouds: Things We Need

Alhamdulillah, we’re going keep hosting weekly free read alouds. We started them during the Coronavirus lockdowns to give families a chance to meet up and practice speaking Arabic. 

You don’t need any experience to join. We all read together and go over the meanings of the words.

We have been using the Arabic books that are used here in Saudi schools. They are designed for native speakers, but they have some great resources that go along with them including listening activities and games.

Click here for the listening activity for today.

Click here to download the main book.

Arabic Vocabulary and Speaking Practice

Today, we talked about different things that we need and want. We used two Arabic phrases:

أحتاج I need...
أريد I want...

Watch the video to see how these phrases are used. Try using them around the house. Don’t worry if you have to use half Arabic and half English. For example, it’s totally fine to say أحتاج lunch. 

Arabic Reading and Listening Practice

The Saudi Arabic books have a lot of more advanced words mixed in with stories for kids. It might seem intimidating at first. Today, we went over a simple strategy for figuring out the meanings of words. 

After you watch the meet-up, try listening to the rest of the listening activity and see how many words you can figure out from the story. 

Review Printables

The activities included in the book don’t involve much reading, so I’ve made some worksheet pages that you can use to help you follow along with the read aloud and also to review afterwards. 

For pre-readers, color the items as we mention them. Hang the finished printable around the house to review the names of items.

These are the main sentences for the read aloud. Stop the recording and see if you can read them first. Cut out the pictures and glue them in the correct boxes.

For older and advanced kids, use these pages to take notes during the listening activity.

How to View the Recordings

You can watch all of the Read Aloud recordings over on the free section of our Teachable site. Once you join, you can view all the recordings by clicking “Bundled Courses”.

The recordings and the course on the Teachable site are for women only.

Women only please.

How to Join Us Live

We’re holding the Read Alouds weekly on Mondays at 3pm Saudi Time. That’s 1pm UK time and 8am EST.

The Zoom links are shared via Telegram each week. Send me a message on Telegram to be added to our group.

Note, the Read Alouds are not a formal class. They are just a chance to practice reading, and learn some new words along the way. Our focus is on practicing reading and speaking with new sentences so that we can grow our Arabic skills as a family. 

Please feel free to let me know if you notice any errors in videos.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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