Arabic Pronouns for Kids: First Person

If you’re on board with the slow and steady approach that I recommend for learning pronouns, then you’ll probably want to know where you should start. After all, there’s a lot to master, so you need a good jumping off point that will give you and your kids a strong foundational understanding, but also not be too overwhelming. 

For Arabic beginners, I recommend starting out your studies with First Person. Kids naturally love speaking in first person, so it’s an easy way to get your kids motivated to speak more Arabic.

In Arabic, a pronoun can come before a word, after a word, or it can be hidden. Sounds pretty confusing, I know. But if we focus on one at a time, inshaa Allaah, it will be much easier.

Let’s look at the ways we can use pronouns in the first person.

Pronouns that come in front:

أنا  I

نحن  We

These two are never attached to a word and are mostly used with nouns.

In Arabic, thing that follows pronouns has to match in number and gender. This is what usually causes people problems when trying to use pronouns. In order to use Arabic pronouns correctly, you have to know Arabic plurals. If you’ve just started studying Arabic, it will take some time to memorize all of the plurals. Just give it time and soon they will be as natural as English plurals. 

Don’t worry about the grammar terminology, just check the video below.

Listen and repeat.
You'll soon start saying these grammar patterns naturally.

I like to use the words ولد and بنت  a lot when teaching my kids. It’s a really easy way to jog their memories and remind them that everything in Arabic has a gender. 

This is one of the reasons that Arabic can be so tricky. We have to always remember that words have to match in number and in gender. 

Try using أنا and نحن with the following words.

رَجُل مُسْلِم مُجْتَهِد صَدِيق جَدِيد

Post your answers below!

Here’s a video to help you practice the first two. Try to make a simple sentence with each word. 

Just add أنا or نحن to make a simple Arabic sentence.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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