Arabic Speaking at Home 6: Good Morning! How do you really feel?

In our first lesson, we learned how to ask “How are you?

Chances are, you’re not always feeling “good” in the morning. So, let’s learn some other ways to talk about how we might feel in the morning. Oh, and there’s male and female stuff still too.

If you see your son is a little moody in the morning (or a little extra peppy perhaps), you can ask:

How do you feel? (male) كَيْفَ تَشْعُرُ؟

Click to Listen: Kayfa Tash-‘ur

Do you remember what you say to your daughter? You didn’t know there would be a quiz did you?

No worries, it takes time to learn all the different ways to talk about male and female in Arabic. We’ll be going over it a lot.

For your daughter, say:

How do you feel? (female) كَيْفَ تَشْعُرِينَ؟

Click to LIsten: How do you feel? (F)

You can also use Kayfa Haaluk for either if you still need more practice with that.

Here are some feelings that you might have in the morning. Just say: Anna and then each word for example:

I’m happy. أنا مَسرُورٌ

Yep. It’s just that easy. Audios for all the feelings are down below the printable.

Here’s a printable with a list of some handy morning emotions.

Click to LIsten: I’m happy. I’m comfortable. I’m energetic. (male)
Ana Mas-roo-run, Ana Mur-taahun, Ana Na-sheetun.
Click to LIsten: I’m sad. I’m tired. (female)
Ana Ha-zeenatun, Ana Mut-‘abatun
Click to LIsten: I’m exhausted. (female)
Ana Mur-hiqatun.

You can keep this printable handy outside of your kids’ bedrooms. Take turns asking your kids how they feel. Don’t be afraid to give them the answer if they have trouble recalling the words during the week. The most important thing is to say the words. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to look at the sheet.

If you’re a beginner, always take things slow. It’s often a good idea to focus on one word or phrase a day. You’ll have all six of these mastered in one week with just one a day.

If you’re looking to add some feelings throughout your day, here is a helpful video. As always, remember there is often more than one way to say the same thing.

Next week, we’ll be going over words for getting ready in the morning and we’ll be using ordinal numbers like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We’ll get ready and get organized at the same time. Who’s excited?

هَلْ أَنْتِ مُتَحَمِّسَة؟ 

Are you excited?

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