Stop Trying to Teach Your Kids Arabic: Do This Instead

“My kids don’t listen to me.”

“My daughter doesn’t want to learn from me.”

“I can’t teach my kids.”

If you’ve ever said or thought any of these things. You’re wrong. Sorry to put it bluntly, but your kids do listen, they do want to learn from you, and you can teach them.

How do I know?

Do your kids speak your native language? Do they know basic shapes and colors? Can they tie their shoes and identify foods in your fridge?

Yes, I’m sure they can. And I’m sure you are the one who taught them these things.


Your children will imitate what you do. If you’d like your kids to learn Arabic. Simply start speaking Arabic more at home. Kids (and adults) learn first through modeling.

For beginners, just start small. Set an expectation and start using words. Even if your kids aren’t using them, they are learning them.

Kids learn Arabic through play.
You didn’t “teach” your child to speak your native language. For most kids, consistent modeling is enough. Arabic is no different.


Most kids are more attentive when playing. Take out some toys and just start playing around with what you know. If you don’t know a lot of words, just start swapping out words. This works especially well for younger children who won’t find it strange.

Don’t overcomplicate speaking Arabic at home. Figure out what your kids like to do and do it with them. If they aren’t that interested in speaking, you start.


Learning a language takes time. It took your child 3 years to get a real grasp on English. We shouldn’t think that Arabic learning will be any faster. Be consistent and remove the pressure from speaking Arabic at home..

For more advanced speakers, just be as stubborn as your kids are. My son was very resistant to speaking Arabic because I was lazy in speaking Arabic at home for so many years. Finally, I just picked a time of day that would be Arabic only. My daughters were all on board, but my son struggles to translate in his head. So, I just started telling him, in Arabic, I’m only going to listen if you speak to me in Arabic. I gave him plenty of time to think and I let him use English for words that I knew that he didn’t know.

Kids only have the options that you give them. If you start speaking to them in Arabic, they will learn to speak in Arabic.

What have you done to help encourage your children to speak more Arabic?

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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