Arabic Speaking at Home 2: Where are my clothes?

Soooooo. How did last week go? Did you start saying good morning to your kids in Arabic? If not, take some time to just get in the habit of saying what you know every day. It can feel kind of silly to be throwing in random Arabic words here and there, but that’s really the only way to maintain your vocabulary.

Here are some words you can work on for this week.

Asking Questions

Asking questions is a great way to jumpstart your Arabic at home journey. It’s fine if your kids have to answer in Arabic, just keep asking and learning more words.

We’ll keep going with morning words. We’ll learn some Arabic words for clothes and ask where the clothes are in Arabic.

I hope I’m not the only one whose kids wake up with lots of odd things in and under their beds. It always makes for a wonderful opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

Focus word of the week: Ayna written أين. It’s a great word because we can just add any noun to ask where that thing is.

Ayna means “Where is.” We can use it to ask for specific things or our things in particular.

Where is the shirt?  أَيْنَ القَمِيصُ؟

Play to listen: Ayna Al-Qamis

Here  هُنَا

Play to listen: Huna

There هُنَاك

Play to listen: Hunaak

Where is my shirt? أَيْنَ قَمِيصِي؟

Play to listen: Ayna Qami-si

We can also ask where other people’s things are.

Where is your shirt? أَيْنَ قَمِيصُكَ؟

Play to listen: Aynaa Qamisu-ka

That’s it! Now, start taking out the word “shirt” and start asking where other things are. Or you can find everyone’s shirts first. That’s a good start to the day in my book.

Use this video to start asking about clothes. There is a cute quiz part at the end.

Be persistent, consistency is more important than perfection. Just keep asking about things. You can even say “Ayna al-toy” to start!

In Lesson 3, we’ll focus on something a little more grammary, but it’s important for speaking more Arabic. You’ll learn the basics for male and female things in Arabic.

Speaking is funner with friends. Spread the word.

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